Yankees’ Sandlot Video – Sound and Fury


Earlier this week, a few of the Yankees starred in a recreation of a famous scene from the children’s baseball movie, The Sandlot.  And while much of the world responded with praise for the Bronx Bombers, the production struck one Yankee fan the wrong way.

Yesterday, he discussed that feeling with other NoTicketSports contributors.

Joe Bianchino: Let me first say this: this is not a big deal.  It’s not.  And I understand that.  In the grand scheme of things, this video matters little.  But, I can’t help but watch it and come away somewhat discouraged.  This isn’t something the Yankees do.  This is to be left to the Rays or the Astros or the D-Backs.  Right?

Andrew Williams: Awful.  Next thing we know Brian McCann will have a neck beard.

Pierce Brix: Come on.  Stop.  It’s the first time your Yankees have shed their corporate shell in years.  This team wasn’t this corporate and up in its own places when they were winning four World Series in five years.

Joe Bianchino: You can call it corporate, I’m going to call it buttoned up and professional.  That’s what they’ve been for so many years, and it feels like they’re stepping out from behind that now.

I mean, the season hasn’t even begun and I know this is already cliche, but this video does not get shot with The Captain on the team.  If Jeter’s there, they handle spring training like Yankees.  Light stretching, half-assed batting practice, nine holes at the course, drinks at the bar.  That’s the way professionals do it.

Pierce Brix: Buttoned up and professional? Babe was buttoned up?  Mantle was professional?  Billy Martin?  They used to have big money, big personality players and just asked them to shave their face.  Today, they’ve just run away with the shave your face thing.

Andrew Williams: Brix, are you still mourning Zack Wheeler?  Is that where all this anger is coming from?

Joe Bianchino: Martin and Mantle and Babe were 35 and 60 and 80 years ago, Brix.  Those are entirely different franchises from each other, let alone the Dynasty Era Yankees I’m talking about.

Look, I didn’t mean for this to be a Yankees vs. Mets talk, but the Mets have had more PR disasters with Matt Harvey alone than the Yanks have in the last 20 years.

Pierce Brix: Dynasty Era?  Wells, O’Neill and the rest?  Even a young Jeter?  Those weren’t corporate teams.  They were good for business, but were not treating the diamond like a conference room the way the Yankees have the past few years.

Joe Bianchino: I think you’re forgetting what the last few years have been for the Yanks.  See: Swisher, Nick.  Or Burnett, A.J.  Those guys had fun and showed all kind of personality, but this is just different.  It just feels beneath them.  Or it would if they were about to win more than 80 games.

Pierce Brix: The Yankees are currently the blandest team in baseball.  They might as well try something to seem interesting.

Andrew Williams: Pump your brakes there, dude.  The blandest team in baseball?  That’s one hell of a stretch.  Have you not seen teams like the Astros, Mets, or Mariners?  The answer is no.  Because no one has wanted to watch any of them for almost a decade.

Joe Bianchino: You’re a crazy person, Brix.  The Yankees are entirely intrigue, because the entire team is a question mark.  Will Tanaka’s arm explode mid-season?  Will A-Rod return as more than a shell of himself?  Will the phenom Betances continue down that same path?  Will Pineda get his pine tar under control?  How will Didi Gregorius replace Jeter?  Will Teixeira and Beltran rebound off awful years?  The team is all intrigue – the opposite of bland.  The opposite of a team who needs to be doing some video like this.  A team that should be leaving the recreations to the Twins.

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing – Shakespeare

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