World Cup Draw Thoughts


NoTicketSports’ contributors give their opinions on the World Cup draw via text message exchange, starting mid-draw with Joe Bianchino’s thoughts on the team that has a special piece of his heart.

Credit, @SportsCenter on Twitter
Credit, @SportsCenter on Twitter

Joe Bianchino: Ivory Coast and Colombia? Cote D’ivoire win the group.

Mark…sorry about England, man.

Mark Graydon: Please, easy group.  Just get Suarez a muzzle.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: That really is a great draw for the Ivory Coast. In fact, Drogba might only have to dive two or three times for them to finish first.

Joe Bianchino: Cheap shot, man.  Cheap Shot.

…So…remember earlier wen I said USA would make a quarter’s run? Yeah…

Jeffrey Simpson Day: Great draw for Belgium, too.  I can’t wait for them to run through their group, driving Vegas’ odds of them winning way up, and then betting against them.

Joe Bianchino: That’s shark thinking right there. As for me, I can’t wait for the Vegas odds on USMNT to skyrocket, then make it rain when they advance.  What am I supposed to be scared of? The Germans?  I believe w’ere undefeated against them on the biggest stage.  WWI. WWII.  Beerfest.  And Portugal?  No way we lose to a guy who gels his hair at halftime. MANIFEST DESTINY!

Mark Graydon: South American teams will rule most of the World Cup. BUT, they’ll all lose it to Spain. But Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia will all advance. Possibly Chile too, pushing the Netherlands.  England and Italy will tie for 2nd with four points.  England will edge the Italians on goals scored with Costa Rica as their last game, but they’ll lose to Colombia in round 16.  The dream final won’t happen as Colombia will knock out Brazil in the quarters, and beat Germany in the Semi’s.  But they’ll lose to Spain in the final.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: That’s a weirdly specific prediction.  If by some miracle it dos go down exactly like that, I promise to dress up as Oates – of Hall and Oates – the first time I go to Wolff’s afterward.

Joe Bianchino: So we’re just ignoring the U.S.’s chances, then?

Mark Graydon: You did see the group, right? Hope for third.

Joe Bianchino: But…But…Wondolowski.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: The US has a chance?

Joe Bianchino: Again, Jeff.  Cheap shot.

What would you agree to wear to Wolff’s if the U.S. advanced?

Jeffrey Simpson Day: What would you agree to wear if the U.S. doesn’t advance?

Joe Bianchino: My Drogba/Ivory Coast shersey.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: Wow, just willing to lay it all on the line, aren’t you?

Joe Bianchino: Viva hope. Viva Cote D’ivoire.

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