Joe BianchinoJoe Bianchino – Writer, Editor-in-Chief: The long and winding road that leads to your door.  Or more appropriately, leads me to your digital media viewing device.  Thus far in these short 25 years, my road’s been an ever-twisting story of suburban indecision.  Though I’ve been a sport fan since early in my life, it took a while for me to begin harnessing the talent for observational commentary a youth lacking in any sort of physical prowess is forced to hone.  And while the short pre-law stint and the full classical-vocalist training/music education degree are parts of my life that I cherish deeply, I think a straw poll of suburban kids who spent their childhoods living and dying with New York sports, memorizing Billy Madison quotes, and getting way too good at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon would show that doing the same for a living is pretty much the dream.  How about you, sideburns?  You want some of this milk?



Mark GraydonMark Graydon – Writer:  Hi
My name is Mark Graydon, an Englishman in New York.
I love ALL Sport, my wife and my kids! And not in that order ; )
I run Wolff’s Biergarten and own The Olde English Pub, so yes I like Beer/Biers too.
I love the English National Soccer team, (nearly) more than life itself.
I hate Mario Gomez, for more reasons than can fit in a pocket sized Bio.
So, lets ponder, out loud, life’s little questions:
“Peyton Manning is a choker”
“You all (secretly) wish you were Tom Brady”
“YOU would pick LeBron before Kobe”
“Why do the US have great Solo Artists and Britain have great Bands”
“Morgan Freeman makes any movie he’s in, an automatic 7/10…. and then I remembered Evan Almighty”



Credit, YouTube
Credit, YouTube

Jeffrey Simpson Day – Writer: I’m honestly not sure what to write here, seeing as it’s entirely unclear why I’ve been asked to write for the site. I do like sports, movies, drinking, and inane debates, though, which I’d guess are the minimum qualifications for site contributors.

Other than that…well…NIB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!

Whereabouts unknown.



Pierce BrixPierce Brix – Writer: Years from now my bio will begin with ” American Poet Laureate Pierce Brix,” and it will be awesome. Even further down the road, my bio will read “Former American Poet Laureate Pierce Brix,” and that will still be pretty damn cool. As for right now I’m Pierce Brix, and I write for No Ticket Sports. If anyone knows a guy with a Flux Capacitor, I’m all ears…

Anyway, I’m 6’2″ with hazel eyes and a passion for music. My biggest turn-ons? Girls that hold the door for me, and people that still use (and pay for) Napster. Turn-offs? That episode of House where they kill off Kal Penn. The fact that you wouldn’t at least leave the door open for a talent like Kal Penn to return to your show is flat out irresponsible. I don’t really watch it, but I’d imagine the show has never been the same since.

Also, I write about sports.



DRussDave Russell – Writer: I think about stuff and write it down. Hopefully you will find it entertaining, if not, let me have it in your comment post – I feed off the hate. As a soon to be college graduate, I’ve spent more money on television sports packages throughout my four years in school, than actual textbooks. It’s not hard to distract me, just throw any game on the TV or Radio along with a cold beverage, and I’m all eyes and ears.

As for my future, I’ll most likely be that local townie sitting across from you at the local dive bar telling you about the time I won a high school baseball state championship. But for now, I’ll have to stick to writing about more important things you actually care about. Can’t promise you won’t see me at that dive bar though.

Follow me on Twitter @DRuss_7 if for some reason you want to hear more of my sporting opinions.


CumsteinMitch Cumstein – Writer: I had a promising golf career until I was caught night putting.  I was putting at night with the daughter of the dean. Now I write about pop culture and political issues on this fine web site.

And do some occasional night putting when I can.

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