Saratoga Weekend Preview – Opening Weekend


I’ll take odds on anything. The Super Bowl, the Oscars, a presidential election.  Anything.

But no odds are quite as sweet as the first at Saratoga – when you’re still just glad to be back, standing in your suit next to the jean-shorted best friend you just met, hunched over a garbage can trying to decide which long shot to play, hoping you won’t pick the wrong one.

Which you will. Often.

We’re just trying to make sure it’s not every time.


Race 1: 1-5-4

Race 2: 5-6-1

Race 3: 3-2-6

Race 4: 3-9-4-8

Race 5: 4-7-9

Race 6: 11-10-9

Handicapping 101: Pace makes the race.  You can always expect speed in a turf sprint, but in this race, I think you can expect even more. Many of the pacesetters will start on the field’s outside, and I think their mad dash for the lead will set torrid fractions in the opening quarter, and open things up for a late charge from a pair of closers (11,9), who will round out a solid exotic.

Race 7: 1-10-5

Race 8: 3-2-1

Race 9: 9-1-11-6

Race 10: 7-2-10



Race 1: 1-2-5

Race 2: 5-6-9

Again, pace makes the race, and it sets up well for the 5, Prize Fight, who will be near a slow pace while dropping out of some recently tough competition and taking the blinkers off. At 12/1, there’s great taking him on top.

Race 3: 5-2B-1A

Race 4: 4-5-7

Race 5: 8-4-3

Race 6: 9-12-1

Race 7: 6-10-5

Race 8: 6-2-5

Race 9: 7-4-6

Race 10: 3-2-4

Race 11: 11-1-8



Race 1: 11-10-4-5

Race 2: 6-5-7

Race 3: 3-2-5-7

Race 4: 10-1-9

Race 5: 1-2-4

Race 6: 2-5-1

Race 7: 4-12-11

Race 8: 2-7-1

Race 9: 6-9-3-2

Race 10: 1-2-7

Race 11: 11-10-7

Author: Joseph White

Joe Bianchino is a writer, producer, and radio host located in upstate New York. He is a life-long New York sport fan, Chelsea supporter, and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter @JoeBNTS. Email him at