Picks Contest


It’s the final day of the Premier League.  This is the last PICKS of the season, so make it count!

Soccer Poster-3-2Pick the scores of the following games – One point for a correct result, three points for a perfect score.  Most points gets a $25 gift Certificate to Wolffs Biergarten.


SUNDAY 19th MAY.                 MARK’s PICKS

Chelsea v Everton.                             2-0
Liverpool v QPR.                                4-0
Man City v Norwich.                           3-1
Newcastle v Arsenal.                          1-2
Southampton v Stoke.                        2-0
Swansea v Fulham.                            3-0
Tottenham v Sunderland.                    2-1
West Brom v Manchester Utd.            1-4
West Ham v Reading.                         2-0
Wigan v Aston Villa.                           0-0

Author: Mark Graydon

Originally born in England, Mark Graydon is the manager of Wolff’s Biergarten and the owner of the Olde English Pub, both located in Albany. Follow him on Twitter @TheEnglishMark. Email him at