NoTicketSports Podcast – 2016 Review

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At the end of a wild 2016, the NoTicketSports crew sat down to look back on the year, and look forward to the next one.

Read one contributor’s thoughts below, and check out the latest episode of the NoTicketSports Podcast, with Joe Bianchino and Pierce Brix.

Jeffrey Simpson Day:  My prediction for 2017: This is the year everyone finally realizes Disney has quietly taken over the entertainment industry and, therefore, the world. It currently has three movies in 2016 over the $1 billion mark (Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia), one within spitting distance of $1 billion (The Jungle Book), and one just beginning its imperial reign of terror (Rogue One). In addition to their animation studios, they own Marvel, Star Wars, ESPN, and ABC.

Disney, son.

The only thing standing between it and total domination at this point is the Fast and Furious franchise, a few scattered Autobots, and the Minions.

My hope for 2017:

It’s the same as every year: That Rob Schneider doesn’t make a movie.

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