Monster Picks Results


Well Ladies and Gents, 13 EPL games and it turned out to be a very tight week.

We have a 3-way tie for first place – including the tie-breaker with two perfect games each!!

  • 1st Place  – MARK/Mike/JD – 10 Points
  • 2nd Place – Bryon/Herr Daniel/ Todd W/Steve – 8 Points
  • 3rd Place  – PHS/Joe B – 7 Points
  • 4th Place  – Whored Treasure (bringing up the rear of course) – 5 Points

So, Mike and JD, I will split the difference with you fellas.   Each of you will get a $12 gift card – which is still two nice pints at Wolff’s – and a hearty pat on the back.  Contact me at for a good time to collect.

Thanks again guys, and I will have next week’s list up by this evening…. hopefully!

Sir Alex you will be missed.  Do you fancy coaching the England team in Brazil, mate?

Author: Mark Graydon

Originally born in England, Mark Graydon is the manager of Wolff’s Biergarten and the owner of the Olde English Pub, both located in Albany. Follow him on Twitter @TheEnglishMark. Email him at