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Months after season five of Game of Thrones ended in Jon Snow’s “death”, and months before season six premiers, the NoTicketSports crew came together to discuss the new teaser poster released by HBO on Monday.

What does it mean?  What doesn’t it mean?  Are we really spending time debating a teaser poster?

Yes. We are.

AJ: He’s alive.  Or he will be.  He’ll be brought back the same way Beric Dondarrion was.

Junior: That’s my take, too.  The Red Woman is going to breathe some fire into him.

AJ: She already has those eyes for him.

That look I’d love for her to turn on me.

Junior: No doubt. She’ll have him Weekend at Bernie-ing in no time.

Joe Bianchino: For a number of different reasons, I’ve thought the same ever since the end of season five. First, obviously, as you both have alluded to, there’s no reason to show the Red Woman returning to Castle Black if she’s not there for a specific purpose – like breathing life back into Jon Snow.

And second, and of equal importance, because at some point, if they keep killing off the best characters, no one is going to watch anymore. We all love the show, but eventually, it will just become Arya washing dead guys in a dark temple and there’s only a small subculture on the Internet interested in watching that..

With that said, though, I’m less convinced than I was before this poster was released.  I know some people think this poster is HBO’s decision to end the charade well before season six and be up front about his return, but would it shock anyone if this is a long con, and the only season six appearance Jon Snow makes is atop a funeral pyre?

AJ: …Or in flashbacks…

Joe Bianchino: Or flashbacks! I could see that.  They know the whole world thinks he’s coming back, so they put him on their poster, ratchet up the suspense, and then, in the first scene, the others in the Night’s Watch light his body ablaze and he never returns in the “current day” story.

AJ: I guess it’s possible, but the Red Woman is tricky, and again, why have her in that final sequence?

Joe Bianchino: How confident are you?  On a scale of one to ten? Ten being “I am Gepege R.R. Martin, suspender enthusiast, and I’m writing the next book which includes Jon Snow,” and one being” I’m George R.R. Martin, suspender enthusiast, I’m writing the next book which doesn’t include Jon Snow”?

AJ: I guess five, becuase you can never be sure.  But that’s certainly what my gut wants.

Junior: I’m saying 10.  I can feel it.

…In my plums.

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing – Shakespeare

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