A short introduction to what we hope the website will become.

AvatarIt’s 9:30 on a Saturday morning.  You’re in a bar.  Chelsea and Newcastle are tied at one, and between exasperated sighs as buildups are cleared for corners, you and your friends are boisterously debating the merits of The Negotiator because someone, in passing, mentioned Samuel L. Jackson 45 minutes ago.

We’ve all experienced it.  Maybe not all while watching soccer three beers deep before lunch – perhaps on a couch during an NFL Sunday – but it’s a process in which we all revel; and one that has served as the inspiration for this site.

We want No Ticket Sports to be a home for those kind of organic sport discussions, the ones that see a conversation about Calvin Johnson’s dominance seamlessly transition to one about whether Indiana Jones or Han Solo would win a bare knuckle brawl.  Obviously we’ll hope to provide insightful analysis of sports’ current events, but more than that, the hypothetical argument will be had, “best of” lists made and debated, the absurd welcomed and embraced – all under the philosophy that we are, at our heart, fans writing as fans.

Soccer, New York sports, the national headlines, and the world of entertainment will be our focii.  Because that’s what we’re fans of.  We won’t masquerade as objective or try to hide our opinion, in fact, the idea is, kind of, to voice it aggressively.

Above all, though, throughout whatever and however long our run may be, our hope is that No Ticket Sports can provide all of you the same fun reading it that we have writing it – that you can join in and experience exactly what drove us to build the site.

Choose Wisely.

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