February Sucks


I’ve got Cabin Fever so bad I almost watched Cabin Fever.  Someone help.

Credit, YouTube
Credit, YouTube

How counterintuitive is it to celebrate a sport website’s February launch with an article lamenting how bad a sport month February is?  It’s pretty damn counterintuitive, an irony I can’t really put into words.  But, you know, counterintuitive is kind of our thing.

And as I sit here on Sunday night, watching a Suits marathon on Cloo and reading tweets about the NBA All-Star game, I can’t help but be reminded of the post-Super Bowl malaise we call the second month of the year.  Maybe it’s nothing more than the me, as part of the great American mass, finding myself a rudder-less ships in a sans-NFL existence, but, during this month, I can never help channeling, at least a little bit, my inner Bill Murray:

Now I’m an NHL junkie, but laid against the backdrop of a month containing only the NBA, which gets interesting sometime around the conference semi’s, and an NCAA Men’s basketball season just beginning to wind down from their five month calm before the storm, it’s no wonder that cabin fever begins to set in.

And I got it bad this year, man – so bad I almost watched Cabin Fever.  I love you, Rider Strong – thanks to a rather uninspiring NFL free agent market, the startling dearth of talent in men’s basketball and the fact that the NBA’s biggest storyline is a team who’s currently four games out of a playoff spot.  It’s not just me either.  ESPN has been filling air time by celebrating Michael Jordan’s birthday for the past two and a half weeks.  We’re all starting to lose it, man.

But I guess, maybe, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.  In a few weeks, March Madness will be in full swing, the baseball season will have progressed beyond a bunch of dudes doing ankle rolls in the outfield, and we’ll be less than five months away from NFL training camps opening up.  Plus the Oscars are Sunday, so that’s cool.

Until then…

Thank God we have the Champions League.

Author: Joseph White

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