David Ortiz A Hall Of Famer? Sound and Fury


With David Ortiz announcing his retirement, NoTicketSports’ contributors discuss whether the slugger is a Hall of Famer.

Pierce Brix: Testing positive for steroids makes him a no for me.  The DH conversation is an interesting one, but his positive test overshadows all.

Andrew Williams: Devil’s advocate, though, he was more than just a ball player for Boston, and has three rings, including the one that broke the curse.

Joe Bianchino: Honestly, I don’t understand the DH argument. I know stuffy NL fans don’t want it to be a real position, but it is. Get over it.

For me, he’s a no brainer.  Ortiz was one of the best, most feared hitters of his generation, and a key member of one of the most important teams of the last however many years you want to go back. Of course he should be in.

Andrew Williams: The Mitchell Report shouldn’t be included, but I understand if it has to be.  Either way, he’s a top tier all-time hitter in my eyes. Put him in.

Pierce Brix: How are we saying the Mitchell Report shouldn’t be included?  If I have an IQ of 190 but I get caught cheating on a test, I’m going to fail. If you’re going in as a DH, I don’t have a problem, but you need to be one of the best hitters of all time because that’s what you do.  I don’t think he his.  He’s a steroid cheat who hasn’t even notched 500 homers.  He’s not even Jim Thome.

Andrew Williams: …He has 503 homers with a season left.  He’s also a .450 hitter in the World Series with 14 RBI’s in 14 games.  He’s one of the best postseason players ever.  His numbers are strong, his accomplishments are amazing.

Pierce Brix: A) I didn’t actually look at his numbers.  B) The fact that he has 500+ home runs and I didn’t know about it proves the damage done to the game by the steroid era, which is why all who were caught should be punished.

Joe Bianchino: See, I agree that you have to take the Mitchell Report into account, I just disagree about it mattering at all.  I don’t care about steroids, and I don’t think you can leave out alleged steroid users.  You can’t punish individuals for what was an entire sport’s crime.

If you’re leaving out Bonds and Clemens and A-Rod, then you have to leave out Ortiz. But I wouldn’t leave any of them out.  Let them all in.

Andrew Williams: I agree.  How can you keep those guys out but let in someone like Bud Selig, who made the game richer than ever off “Chicks Dig The Long Ball.”

Joe Bianchino: Side note: Chicks do dig the long ball.

And so do dudes.

The long ball is awesome.

Pierce Brix: The only Hall Bud Selig gets into for me, is the Hall of Osteoporosis.  Does the man not look like a cartoon vulture?

Joe Bianchino: At least you’re consistent.

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