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As ESPN and Fox Sports 1 and Sports Illustrated and countless other blogs and websites breakdown and analyze the lineups and the pitching staffs in the run up to the World Series, NoTicketSports looks at it from a different angle.

Joe Bianchino: The Cubs and Indians are in the World Series, begging the question, which is the better film, Major League, or Rookie of the Year.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: Leaving aside the fact that I’m a Cubs fan, Major League is the better movie. If for no other reason than that the most iconic thing to come out of either movie is Jobu.

Joe Bianchino: I think I agree with your answer, but I don’t know about the reasoning. Is Jobu any more iconic than the “floater”? Or “funky butt lovin’?”


Junior: Or hot ice? You heat up the ice cubes.

Jeffrey Simpson Day:  I’m sure you do, but I’d put Jobu up against it and I’d be willing to run that study, because if you don’t help me now, I say ‘fuck you, Jobu.’

Joe Bianchino: But Pedro had to do it himself, just because they didn’t order the live chicken. The floater struck out Heddo and won the Cubs the pennant.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: I disagree.  That was Jobu finally coming through for Pedro.  On the biggest stage and in Pedro’s greatest hour of need.  And remember, that kept the team in Cleveland.  Pre-LeBron, that was the greatest Cleveland sports moment of the previous 20 years.

Junior: “You want me to drag him outside, kick the shit out of him?”

Joe Bianchino: And striking out Heddo was the best Cubs moment in 80-plus years.  Sure that doesn’t effect an entire city the way the Indians might, but the sheer weight of eight decades of suffering is maybe just as significant, even if only for one team.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: Chicago had Jordan, it didn’t need the floater at the time as much as Cleveland needed Jobu.

Joe Bianchino: Again, I think I disagree, but only on that specific point.  Because certainly, Major League is the better movie.  And honestly, if there’s one reason, more than anything else, it’s Harry Doyle.

Jeffrey Simpson Day: “One hit? All we got is one damn hit?”

Joe Bianchino: And really, when you look at the both movies, it’s almost a clean sweep for Major League. Announcer, manager and starting pitcher all go that way. The only thing I think you’d give to Rookie of the Year is “supporting cast,” solely for this guy:

Either way, I think we can all agree. Go Cubs.

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. – Shakespeare

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