Coughlin Resigns, Right Decision?


With news of Tom Coughlin and the Giants parting ways, Joe Bianchino and Pierce Brix, both Giants fans, discuss if the right decision was made.  Should the Giants have let Coughlin go?

Pierce Brix: No.  They made the move two years too late, and now it’s just that.  Now they have an old dog Eli who’s going to need to learn new tricks for the second time in three years after they abandon, in all likelihood, a system that fits their current roster.

Two years ago, the Giants and Coughlin should have parted ways. At 67, he would have been a much more attractive option to build up the structure of a team like Cleveland or Miami, much the way he did in Jacksonville, and could have gone somewhere else.

Sure, the organization owed it to Tom to keep him around another year, but they kept him around too long.

Joe Bianchino: So you wouldn’t have fired him this year?

Pierce Brix: I think he should go, but it’s a lose/lose situation at this point.  The new system that will likely come with a new coach will take two years to build, and by then, Eli will be 36.  They may reach out to Sean Payton, but the window is closing – and Payton would be leaving New Orleans because he’s got a quarterback who, at 37, is already showing signs of regression.

For that reason alone, I may have kept Coughlin and tried to breed his successor internally – just to try and keep the philosophy intact.

Joe Bianchino: See, my problem with this move is that Sean Payton is the only guy I see as a clear upgrade. You’ve got a two-time Super Bowl winner on your sideline, do you really want to get rid of him and jump on the coaching carousel?  For a  “let’s hope he works out” guy?

The vast majority of NFL coaches, like NFL quarterbacks, are either bad or barely mediocre at their job, and totally incapable of winning a title.  Tom Coughlin is better than that.  Why dump him?

Pierce Brix: Kevin Gilbride would be an upgrade, wouldn’t he?

Joe Bianchino: I know you’re joking, but look around, it feels like five to 10 coaches get fired every year.  The Giants may not hire Gilbride, but it may end up feeling that way, ’cause whoever they get, it might not be any better.

Pierce Brix: We’re the Giants.  With a Super Bowl quarterback.  This isn’t the Browns job.

Joe Bianchino:  So who’s the guy?  Who should they go get?

Pierce Brix: Sean Payton.

Joe Bianchino: But are you willing to give up draft picks to go get him?  Because I think he’s the only clear upgrade, and if that’s where they go, fine, but I’m nervous about giving up the picks with a roster in so much need.

Pierce Brix: Now that’s true, but there are always good OC/DC options under the radar.  Mike Tomlin and Jon Harbaugh weren’t exactly hot candidates, or well known hires when they got their jobs.

Joe Bianchino: You have far more faith in the coaching pool than I do.  Those guys are the exception, to me.  Most end up like Tony Sparano and Marty Mornhinweg, and are bounced from the league as quickly as they come in.  Even big named coaches like Saban and Spurrier get tossed on their ass.

Pierce Brix: I have faith in the Giants as an organization.  They haven’t hired a bad coach in my lifetime.

Joe Bianchino: Let’s hope you’re right.  Either way I think we can both agree.  Tom Coughlin: great man, great coach, thanks for everything.

Pierce Brix: 100% agree with that.

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