Champions League, FA Cup – Stoppage Time


Well Ladies and Gentleman, an FA Cup laden weekend of Soccer, culminating in a few thrashings, (Chelsea 4-0 Brentford, Man City 4-0 Leeds) and of course a couple of upsets (Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn,  Oldham 2-2 Everton) to keep that (albeit faint) magic of the FA Cup still alive.

Which begs the question; Do you guys care about the FA Cup?

BayernI feel like it offers a chance of silverware for some of the ‘smaller’ clubs like Wigan, Stoke, cough cough Arsenal and Blackburn.  But in all honesty the importance of The Champions League, and the number of entrants from England mean the FA Cup has just dropped further down the pecking order.

Lets take Spurs for example:  1st Goal – Win the EPL! (Not bloody likely), 2nd Goal – Qualify for the Champions League! (But didn’t we qualify last year sir?… too soon Mark, too soon) 3rd Goal – BUY A STRIKER FOR PETE’S SAKE!! 4th Goal – A nice run in The FA Cup would be pleasant.

Unfortunately it’s just a sign of the times.  We hear talk of giving the FA Cup winner a Champions League spot, but I still think the race for 4th place will be more exciting than the FA Cup?  And more deserving.  The Champions League is now the soccer fans ultra accessible Cup competition.

Liverpool hammered a sorry Swansea City 5-0.  It seems Laudrup has two eyes, a nose and at least one ear on this Sunday’s Capital One (or commonly called The Micky Mouse) Cup Final v Bradford.  I for one, cannot believe the combination of Sturridge and Suarez is working this well.  The utter selfishness of both players made me believe only two balls would suffice, but apparently Rodger’s has pulled off a major coup, and suddenly Sturridge looks like a potential superstar.  Although for Fantasy Team followers (especially myself, who had captained Stevie G), why didn’t Gerrard take the 2nd bloody penalty!!   Ha! Selfishness indeed.

Coming up this week….


3.00pm – FA Cup – Manchester Utd v Reading


Champions League

2.45pm – Arsenal v Bayern Munich

2.45pm – FC Porto v Malaga


Champions League

2.45pm – AC Milan v Barcelona

2.45pm – Galatasaray v Schalke 04

All games will be LIVE at Wolff’s Biergarten (895 Broadway, Albany, NY), with yours truly cheering on a desperate Arsenal team, looking to shock the world against Bayern (the devil’s team) Munich.  Unfortunately I will have to show Mario Gomez and his quaffed hair on the main screen.  You’ll find him located about 3 yards away from the opposition goal line.  AC Milan have a chance to eek out a result in the 1st Leg at The San Siro against an ever so slightly below par version of Barcelona.  You could almost say they’ve lost a little Pep in their step.

Really, Mark?

Author: Mark Graydon

Originally born in England, Mark Graydon is the manager of Wolff’s Biergarten and the owner of the Olde English Pub, both located in Albany. Follow him on Twitter @TheEnglishMark. Email him at